“My life has changed for the better, thanks to the outstanding therapy provided by Performance Rehab. In seven weeks of physical therapy, under the excellent care and guidance of Jeremy Meschino, DPT, CSCS, I progressed from a pain level of “10” (unbearable back pain from a ruptured disc, requiring emergency ambulance transportation by stretcher to the hospital) to pain level of “zero,” and the resumption of unrestricted physical activity.

As a 65-year old active male, I enjoy Aikido martial arts, walking, biking and staying fit. Unfortunately, my herniated disc put a sudden stop to my routine life. However, the twice-weekly clinic sessions plus the at-home prescribed exercises brought me back to complete rehabilitation. It takes work and diligence to stick to the exercises, but it is absolutely worth the effort. In fact, during my final week of therapy I was able to return to my martial arts activities and I even learned a new technique at my local dojo, doing aerial flips while having no concern or pain associated with my back. I am indebted to Jeremy and the team at Performance Rehab for giving me back my back and my life, and I highly recommend their services to anyone wanting to recover from an injury.”