Neck Pain

Neck pain comes in many different forms. It may be acute or chronic, dull or sharp, but either way, it is frustrating and should be addressed. So why do so many of us ignore it, hoping it will go away on its own? If you’re suffering from acute or chronic neck pain, it’s time to get help. We can get you on the road to recover with a customized physical therapy plan.

What Causes Neck Pain?

The simple answer to this question is, it depends. In many cases, neck pain can be traced back to a single event or injury. Perhaps you are in a car accident and experience neck pain after the wreckage is cleared. Chronic neck pain can also happen when you sit slumped over your desk, have poor standing posture, drive a car or truck for a living, or repeatedly move your head in a certain motion for work.

The Neck Pain-Headache Connection

There are eight spinal nerves that branch off of the neck. These nerves then have branches that end in different parts of your head, neck and shoulders. Your neck’s strength, range of motion and flexibility can also impact your function.

Physical Therapy For Neck Pain

Fortunately, the answer to relieving neck pain and limiting headache days is not found in a bottle. Physical therapists are musculoskeletal experts who can help you improve your neck’s strength, mobility, flexibility, and range of motion.

Physical therapy may include:

  • Manual therapy
  • Ultrasound
  • Targeted exercises
  • Ergonomic recommendations

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