Pre-Surgical Rehab

What is the Pre-Surgical Rehabilitation?

Your doctor may recommend pre-surgical rehabilitation before surgery to help you during and after the operation.

Physical therapy not only strengthens the surrounding muscles and tissues in anticipation of surgery, it can help improve blood flow and circulation that are so important for wound healing and the prevention of scar tissue. Physical therapy can also help improve your overall health in preparation for the strain and stress that often goes with general anesthesia, surgery, and recovery.

What Can I Expect From Pre-surgical Rehabilitation?

For the best possible outcomes, rehab before surgery should:

  • Begin around six weeks before surgery
  • Progress slowly to avoid aggravating the existing problem
  • Incorporate breaks in exercise to minimize discomfort

Your Nashua physical therapist will begin by conducting a thorough review of your surgeon’s recommendations, any pertinent medical records, and your medical history. They will then perform several tests to see how well you move the affected area and what can be done to help maximize your postoperative recovery.

You will then receive a personalized treatment plan that may include:

  • Manual therapy to help minimize pain and maximize movement in the area
  • Targeted exercises to help improve your overall physical condition and prepare you for surgery
  • Isometric strength training and low-impact muscle toning to strengthen supporting tendons, ligaments and muscles.
  • Supportive measures to protect the area that will be operated on while you are in physical therapy
  • The use of ice, heat, ultrasound and/or TENS to minimize pain

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