ultrasound therapy Nashua, NH


Ultrasound is a type of mechanical energy that has been used for many years to treat chronic pain and improve the healing process. There are several specific ways a physical therapist can use ultrasound therapy to treat injuries and reduce pain. Request a consult at Performance Rehab in Nashua, NH and start feeling better today!

What Ultrasound Therapy Does in the Body

There are generally two ways ultrasound can work in your body to heal and repair tissues during physical therapy services. The first is that it provides thermal energy or heat. The second is the non-thermal benefits.

Thermal – When using ultrasound, heat enters the tissues at a deep level. This can increase circulation while reducing pain. Heat can also enable muscles to more easily stretch. Thermal energy produced by ultrasound during physical therapy can, therefore, loosen tight muscles and tendons.

Non-Thermal – Ultrasound also works in specific ways that are unrelated to the transfer of heat. When energy enters the body through ultrasound it creates tiny gas bubbles that gather around the tissues. These bubbles contract and expand at a rapid pace. This is called cavitation.